Thanksgiving Bible Arts & Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving leaf wreath craft
This Thankful Leaves Wreath is the perfect way for kids to reflect on what they are thankful for, while serving as a  beautiful holiday decoration!

All you need is some artificial leaves, a paper plate, ribbon, glue, and some vintage scrap-booking papers for your Sunday Schoolers to make this “I’m thankful For” wreath. Mom and Dad will love hanging it up year after year! Add this craft to a lesson on giving thanks around Thanksgiving Day.




You Will Need:

  • orange and brown construction paper or autumn scrap-booking papers
  • a paper plate
  • artificial fall leaves
  • pretty fall ribbon
  • basic arts and crafts supplies

leaf pattern arts and craftsFind some leaf patterns on the internet or draw them by hand.

paper plate with cut out center

Cut out the center of the paper plate to form a wreath.

Templates of wreath leaves

Have children trace and cut out leaves from Autumn color vintage scrap booking paper.

different patterned leaf patterns

Have children write one thing they are thankful for on each leaf.

paper leaves with words

Glue paper leaves and artificial leaves on plate to form a wreath. Add a pretty autumn color bow.

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