Church Activities for Youth Group

Gold medal with red, white, and blue ribbon
A Talent Showcase Night is great for all ages, and can be a fun, entertaining night filled with laughter, friends, and unforgettable memories!

Talent showcase night in your church is a great time to have kids of all ages show their talents.  Even adults can participate in this activity. God has told us to share our talents with others and we should do so.

Divide your church talents into 3 areas.  One would be stage talent. If your church does not have a stage area use the dinning hall or social hall of your church. Encourage all youth both inside and outside of your church family who play an instrument, sing, dance, write, and play a sport, to be part of this talent group.  Set up the order so that the audience is not listening to 5 people in a row play the piano.  Spread the talent out throughout the night. Encourage the audience to clap and cheer.

Have a table talent area where youth can display their artwork, craft work, and other talents that can be considered similar. Have nice table clothes on the tables and have the youth print their name and a brief description of what their table talent is on a folded 3X5 card to display with their talent so that everyone can see.

A third area of talent you could include is a baking talent area.  Children and adults can make their favorite dessert and put it on a dessert table.  Once again, have the bakers put their name and a description of their dessert on a folded 3X5 card to display near their dessert they made.  This type of talent serves two purposes.  One, people get to show their favorite dessert they made and two, once the talent showcase is done, you’ll have dessert for everyone for a fellowship time!

Having awards, trophies, or ribbons to give for everyone who participated in your Talent Showcase Night at Church is a personal choice.  This should not be turned into a “competition”, but giving everyone a ribbon for participating would be a nice gesture and it will be something they will have to remember the evening.

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