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Movie Night

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     What do you think of when someone says “Movie Night”? Do you think of Popcorn? Candy? Tickets? Well I think of ALL of those things! Here are some great ideas to make your Movie Night more fun with your church youth group.

Movie night for the youth of the church.

     Ask around and see if someone on the youth group or congregation has a popcorn machine so you can constantly make your own popcorn for the movie! You can even buy red and white stripped popcorn bags to eat the popcorn out of (just like in the 1950’s)! Do it up like the old days and make pretend “Admit One” movie tickets to give out to your church and to who ever wants to join you! If you want to go “all-out”, then decorate! Decorate the area you will be viewing the movie in with movie posters, or fake props from the movie you will be watching. This will set the scene from the minute your church members and youth group walk through the door! If your youth group or friends cannot decide on one movie to watch, have everyone vote- majority wins! Offer that perhaps they can watch the other movies on the next “Movie Night” your church holds!

     After the movie, and to end the night, play a trivia game! Have pre-thought-out trivia questions on the movie you just watched. Have the youth group get into teams and answer the questions team by team. Whoever gets the most points when the questions run out-wins!! Make sure to give the winning team a prize, but also give everyone a small prize as a “Thank You” for coming to your church’s Movie Night!



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