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Easter and spring are wonderful times to reach out to children and teach them the new life that Christ brings. Check out our Spring and Easter Bible Crafts for Kids!

With just a paper plate, paint, and colored construction paper, your church kids can make this cute and colorful Easter flowers and cross mobile.

Easter Lilies Hand Print Bible Craft for kids to make.


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Fun at Church is a website dedicated to presenting the gospel in a friendly, engaging format to promote Christian fellowship. Browse to learn simple arts and crafts for Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, pick up ideas for Bible studies lessons and youth programs, discover tips for potluck dinners and fundraisers, and learn about the different ways your church can share and give to the community. 

God bless!


One of our Most Popular Ideas for the Youth: GIRLS NIGHT IN! Check it out...





Church olympics, an absolute fun time for the entire church family.

Church absolute fun time for your entire church family!  This activity is huge hit and is even more exciting to do during an Olympic year!





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My name is Judi. I'm a preacher's daughter, a wife, and a mother of four who loves to sew, make crafts, bake, take photographs, and spend time with my family. I built this site to share the things I enjoyed growing up with in the church; fun times, cool bible crafts, church suppers, and my favorite youth group activities.




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