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Girls' Night In...A Christian Charm Course

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     Girls' Night In is a great opportunity for young girls up to age 20 to have a fun night of fellowship together, learning the importance of taking care of oneself. If you can get a hold of a Christian Charm Course or book, or have a speaker who is knowledgeable on the subject that would be wonderful. A course like this gives equal emphasis to both inner and outer beauty. It encourages girls to think about good posture, cleanliness, proper exercise and eating habits, femininity, healthy hair, humility, and a pure heart.

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     How can young girls be strong Christian influences when society is bombarding youth at all corners of their world?

     Is inner beauty really more important than outward beauty?

     Your Christian Charm course or Girls' Night In at church should include but not be limited to topics like:

Developing a personal relationship with God
Having positive role models and friendships
The importance of proper health and taking care of one's self
The basics of home economics
Relationships with boys

     A fantastic book or guideline to use would be Emily Hunters "Christian Charm Course" - a course designed for adolescent girls that offers "methods for improving the outer appearance along with the spiritual instruction for developing  the true beauty which comes from the heart surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ."

     Make the night extra special by setting up different rooms in the church like a spa. Perhaps the Sunday School Rooms would be a good area to use, or if you have a dining hall, make that big room like a spa, but have different areas for different kinds of stations.  Add throw pillows, fresh flowers and greenery, lighted candles, and soft music. Add a healthy snack area, a make-up station, nail care station, and a hair care station to make it a fun filled evening for "Girls' Night In...A Christian Charm Course. "

Girls Night In A Christian Charm Course idea from

     Ways to cut the cost: Have the college age students and the middle aged moms in your church help out at the stations by giving the girls a manicure and painting their nails.  They could also help by doing the girls hair and giving some tips on proper cleanliness. Ask for donations from church members for nail and hair products. You could also ask for donations of specific items to go into a gift bag like sample lotions, soaps, and make up. This gift bag could be given to each girl at the end of the night.  Include scripture or a girl's bible in the gift bag if possible.

     Hopefully, it will be a night to remember for the girls at this important age in their life. If all goes well, and your Girls' Night In is successful, try having it one once a month. Each month your Christian Charm Course could focus on one issue like: Natural hair care and Daily devotions with God, and the next month could be Skin care, and What God thinks about dating.


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