Valentine Bible Arts & Crafts for Kids

fabric stain glass heart craft
This Fabric Stained Glass Heart craft is a fun and unique project for your Valentine’s day festivities!

Your Sunday School Kids will LOVE this Valentine Fabric Stain Glass Heart arts and craft project! Add this craft to a lesson on Love or around Valentine’s Day.







You Will Need:

  • scraps of Valentine fabric
  • scraps of pink and red felt
  • card stock
  • basic arts and crafts supplies

fabric stain glass heart craft

Fold a piece of card stock in half and draw a half of a heart.  Cut out the heart.

fabric stain glass heart craft template

On the back write a bible verse that has the word LOVE in it, or write “God is LOVE”, or “Jesus Loves You.”  Also have the children sign and date the back.

Stain Glass fabric heart craft halfway completed

Be prepared: Have small scraps of fabric and felt in pink, red, and white colors already cut up and in a pile.  They should be about 1″ in shape. This does not have to be perfect, it is supposed to look like stain glass, so make different sizes and shapes with the fabric.

If you do not have fabric and felt, paper will do, however, fabric will look better, more colorful, and last a lot longer.

Have the students glue on the fabric squares one by one over lapping each of them.

fabric stain glass heart  craft

Finish gluing all of the fabric scraps on the heart.  You can leave it the way it is, or put a magnet strip on the back to use as a magnet, or put a hole in the top with a hole puncher and hang the hearts in your Sunday school class room.