How to Make a Paper Plate Easter Mobile

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Easter Paper Plate Mobile Craft for Kids

Who would have thought that this cute Easter Mobile was once just a paper plate! Time to get creative!

With just a paper plate, paint, and colored construction paper, your church kids can make this cute and colorful Easter flowers and cross mobile.












You Will Need:

  • paper plate
  • blue, purple, pink, and yellow construction paper
  • yellow pompoms
  • thread
  • green paint (child-safe, non toxic)
  • basic arts and crafts supplies

Easter Paper Plate Mobile Craft, cut paper plate

Cut the paper plate into a spiral as shown.

Easter Paper Plate Mobile craft, step two

Paint the plate green on both sides and let dry.

Easter Paper Plate Mobile Craft for kids step three

Draw crosses and flowers on the construction paper to cut out. Purple and blue for the crosses. And pink for the flowers, make some larger and some smaller flowers. Draw some circles on the yellow paper for the centers of the smaller flowers. Cut them all out.

Glue the yellow pompoms in the center of each large flower.

Easter Paper Plate Mobile Craft, putting it together

Cut pieces of thread, one piece for each cross and flower, and tape them onto the backs of all your cut outs.

Last, using a piece of tape at the other end of the the thread hand the crosses and flowers as you like them on the under side of your paper plate spiral. 

Easter Paper Plate Mobile Craft for Kids

Your Easter mobile is complete!

egg carton cross craft for kidsIf your Sunday school kids liked making the Easter flower and cross paper plate mobile, then they may also like to make: an Egg Carton Flower Cross with Gems Easter Bible Craft for Kids











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