Hand print Easter Lilies craft for kids


Using a child’s hand print, create beautiful lilies that teach kids about the growth and “new life” of the Easter season!


You Will Need:

  • white, green, and yellow construction paper
  • pastel construction paper of your choice for bible verse
  • basic arts and crafts supplies






Hand Print Lilies Easter Craft for Kids supplies

Here are the supplies you will need to make the Hand Print Easter Lilies Bible craft project.


Hand print Lily Easter craft for kids, step one

First cut out a large egg shape from the yellow piece of construction paper. Then cut out stems and leaves for the green paper and glue them onto the egg.


Hand Print Lily Craft for kids, tracing the hands

Trace two hand prints on the white paper and cut them out.


Hand Print Lily Craft for kids, rolling the hands

Roll each hand print into a cone shape with the fingers pointing up. Secure with tape.


Hand print Lily craft for kids, rolling the petals

Roll the tips of the finger petals down around a pencil to curl them.


Hand print lilies craft for kids

This is what the lilies will look like.


Hand print Easter Lilies craft for kids

Glue the lilies on the green stems.

Cut out a strip of pink or pastel construction paper and have the children write “Consider the Lilies, how they grow.”




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