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Welcoming and Clever Sayings on Your Church Sign Can Often Attract Curious Visitors to Your Church.

Clever Sayings on Your Church Sign

Sometimes there is nothing clearer and to the point for people to see riding by your church then a sign with a great saying out front of your church. My dad is the pastor of a little white church in the country on a rather busy street. When I tell people about my dad’s church, all I have to say is, “The one with all the great messages on the sign.” and then everyone knows which church I am talking about. Many people have come to a Sunday service to hear his message because the great sayings on his church sign has struck their curiosity of what he would be like as a person, and what his Sunday message would be like.


You’re not too bad to come in…, and you’re not too good to come in either.

One Kind Word Can Warm Three Long Winter Months

When Life Brings You To Your Knees, Pray There

You Think It’s Hot Here?

We Make a Living of What We Get, We Make a Life of What We Give

Where Will You Spend Eternity? Smoking or Non?

Ch..ch…What’s Missing? UR

Give Satan an Inch and he Will be a Ruler

Prayer Matters

Jesus Built Us a Bridge with 2 Boards and 3 Nails

Enjoy this Day!… Compliments of God

What a Mighty God We Serve

The Big Bang Theory: God Said It and BANG, It Was There!

God Wants Full Custody, Not Just a Sunday Morning Visit

Plan Ahead… It Wasn’t Raining When Noah Built the Ark

Write Your Sorrows in Sand, and Carve Your Blessings in Stone

God accepts knee-mails

Be a Fountain…, Not a Drain


Clever Valentine Sayings for Your Church Sign

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