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Easy Ways to Make Biblical Costumes

     There are many reasons you may want to use biblical costumes in your church programs. Whether for bible school, Sunday school, worship drama club, small skits, or even if you're putting on a big biblical production they are quick and easy to sew and can be plain or as elaborate as you want them to be. There are even some you can make without any sewing at all!

Here are some easy to make bible costumes we used for the play, "Malice in the Palace" with the youth in the church.

Most of these biblical costumes were made from bed sheets and remnants of fabric found in the sale racks at fabric stores. See how below.

Pre-made ribbon was sewn on the sleeves of this bible costume.

Notice the trim on the sleeve for this costume.

It's easy to transform an ordinary bible costume into a King's costume by adding gems on the cuffs and neck line of the garment.

Notice the simple bright and colorful gems that were quickly hot-glued onto the "kings" garment to help make him look more royal.

Also, this costume was originally for a large size man. Nothing a few large safety pins couldn't handle fixing.


Here is Esther's easy to sew bible costume from the play, "Malace in the Palace."

No time for a costume change? This person playing Esther in the musical "Malice in the Palace", had about 40 seconds to go from an everyday person to Queen Esther.

Quick changes to make an ordinary bible costume into a queen involved adding a beautiful beaded headband and scarf.

A beautiful head piece with gold sparkly gems, and a bright colored scarf trimmed in beads and gems of gold and ruby made that change quick and easy to do.










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