How to Host a Great Bible Quiz for your Church Family

Five older women with medals
Winners of the 4th annual Bible Quiz, the Book Daniel.

You will need: -a Leader to take charge of the Bible Quiz questions, answers, and rules -captains and team members -a score keeper -a timer -awards for the winning team and participant awards for the other teams -everyone’s support who is not on a team, to cheer, support, and be part of the program      Have the pastor, a leader of your church, or someone outside of your church take charge and make up questions fromONE book of the bible. Whoever is in charge makes up the questions, supports the answers with scripture reference, and has the final say on whether an answer is accepted or not. Ask for members from your church who would like to be a captain of a team.  The captain’s job is to find 3 or 4 other team members, name the team, and encourage and support their team in studying hard.  Perhaps they may even want to get together once a week for a study session.

Congregation gathered around podium playing a bible game
Hosting a Bible Quiz is a great way to study the bible, while having a blast!

– Allow at least 2 months for the participants to study the book of the bible that the leader has chosen. MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS AWARE OF THE BIBLE VERSION THAT WILL BE USED THE NIGHT OF THE QUIZ.  example: NIV version – Limit each team to 5 members, including the captain -Order awards ahead of time so they are available at the end of the Bible Quiz, and make sure you have smaller awards for the teams who did not win.  This shows your appreciation of them supporting your church, joining a team, and studying hard.  -Promote and support this event with weekly announcements and putting the event in your church bulletin.  Post it on your church website, or make a poster board or bulletin board supporting the event.


-Have a cover dish dinner beforehand, or a dessert party afterwards.

How to Play and Set up the Bible Quiz Jeopardy Style

Prepare Your Bible Quiz Game kit