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About Fun At Church

Growing up in a Christian home, with my parents as the youth leaders of our church, I had no other choice but to attend Sunday school, church, and every activity and meeting that came along with it during the week. My mom was even head of the nursery department for many years. Most kids may resent being "drug" to church and meetings like that, but not me. In fact, those times and events were some of my absolute best child hood and teen memories, which is why I started this website. Read more...

mouse behind holy bible with a crossNew section: "What I Learned in Church Today!"

Here's a neat section of the website filled with Fun and Interesting Little Tidbits Heard in Sermons...  If I hear the pastor tell a story or something interesting or exciting, you know, the kind of thing you hear and it just sticks with you the rest of the day, well, then I can't help myself and I just have to share it!

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